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Make them wonder

Smile makes up the most important component of one’s overall face value. Whiter and brighter display of natural human teeth not only impart a pleasant feeling but these also boost individual’s confidence and self-esteem at work, during attending social meetings and family marriage ceremonies.

Make them wonder

Stained, discolored, damaged and unsightly appearance of human natural teeth ruins the overall personality of an individual and loss of interest in studies and work. Discoloration affecting front teeth can be most damaging due to their prime location in the oral cavity during opening mouth, speaking, talking, smiling, laughing, drinking and eating during the whole day.


Do you know that over 70% patients want their teeth whitened?

People always wish to achieve whiter, brighter and glowing teeth for beautifying their smiles, which boost their confidence for thriving during daily activities and competitive endeavors in universities and working places. Dental health care professionals attend special training workshops, seminars and continuing education programs for learning and achieving expertise for benefiting patients visiting their dental offices by correcting stained and discolored teeth with the help of state of the art equipment and innovative teeth whitening materials.

Recent advancements in the field of cosmetic dentistry have given rise to the development of modern, easy to use and minimally invasive teeth whitening toothpastes, gel, liquids and strips which can remove the once considered irremovable stains and marks from the surfaces of front teeth for modifying teeth and enhancing your smiles for the best outcomes in daily life.

Hydra Pearl Teeth Whitening System have been among the most efficient, safe and popular products which have been recommended for use by majority of cosmetic dental specialists and certified dental hygienists for the correction of hard stains and discolorations from teeth which cannot be removed by simple teeth cleaning procedures such as scaling and polishing. These gel provide optimum esthetic outcomes without endangering the natural outermost tooth enamel structure. Following frequently asked questions are very informative regarding the use, benefits and results anticipated by the use of these innovative gel for teeth whitening within the dental offices as well as at home.

How will whitening gel act to remove tooth stains and discolorations?

Hydra pearl teeth whitening gel contain hydrogen peroxide, which acts as an active ingredient for the removal of resistant tooth stains. This compound releases free oxygen molecules, which converts the complex double bond darker chains into simpler and light colored chains resulting in whiter and good looking human natural teeth.

What should be the time period for their application on teeth?

Hydra Pearl teeth whitening gel provide quick results through the application of these formulations for just 15 minutes for 5-10 consecutive days on your discolored teeth at home. The duration of application is the shortest we can find in the market.

How much pain, decomfort, and sensitivity should be anticipated following use of this gel?

The majority of teeth whitening pastes, gel and strips have been associated with two main side effects. These include sensitivity of teeth soon after their use and relapse of discolorations after sometime when the patient starts to drink and eat normally. The unique features of the whitening gel must be focused here as these contain desensitizing agents such as potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride as their integral part. These special compounds act to reduce and minimize chances of sensitivity of teeth following application of teeth whitening gel.

How long will the whitening effects last following use of this gel?

This gel provides long term whitening effects on your teeth. The documented duration of teeth whitening up to the full extent ranges from 6 months to one year. It can last longer than that provided individuals follow the dietary guidelines set by their dental health care professionals. However, slight touch ups are sufficient to regain the exact brightness of teeth achieved after initial treatment.

How is this gel superior to over the counter whitening strips?

Hydra Pearl whitening gel has been formulated after extensive research and trials. This gel requires less application time of 15 minutes when compared with 30-40 minutes for strips. Their higher margin of safety owing to incorporation of potassium nitrate and evidence makes these the best choice for whitening discolored teeth.